Friday, 11 January 2013

Games for this sunday

Tonight we eat manflesh
Terry is hoping to have a Mexican-American
& Danny is doing a lord of the rings game


  1. Plan is to run through two scenarios from "Fellowship of the Ring" - Bucklebury Ferry and Amon Sul (Weathertop). If those go OK, then I'm going to dust off the Moria game that we put on at Exeter a few years back, for a future club day, and then the excellent "Ambush at Amon Hen" game to finish of the series. Just remember: "Keep it secret! Keep it safe!" ;-)

  2. Thanks to Giles for his help with the games today, and to David N for playing through the rubbish "Bucklebury Ferry" scenario with us. "Escape from Bree" went a bit better, and we didn't get to "Amon Sul". Nice to dust off the LotR game after a long break from it!

  3. Awesome game with very good company. Thanks to big tel for umpireing and adam for the comedy factor :0)
    Answer for the caption competition? it has to be

    "I dont belieevvvve it" said in my best Victor Meldrew voice