Wednesday, 19 December 2012

ACW 28mm

Chris and Martin's 28mm ACW game From last sunday
(Hopefully One of them could post a comment on how it went and which figures& rules where used )

Judge Dredd

Mad  Dan's Judge Dredd game
Well, the day went to Mad Donna and the Louise Ciccone Block (Giles). David's Anatonio Fargas Block gang went down a bit to easily, although the big mutie took two Judges to drop him, and his leader managed to become a judge-killer seconds before justice was served in a terminal way. Unfortunately for the remaining Judges, the Louise Ciccone CitiDef gunner in the sentry tower was a bit too much to handle, and they went down in a hail of bullets that standard issue armour couldn't stop. So a victory for the block gang this time, but more Judges are on their way!

Blitzkreig breakout game

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Bob,Pete and Dave played out a15mm blitzkreig commander game last sunday,  An American forcs led by Dave with Bob trying to hold the line with this Germans (Hopefully one of them could add some more comments.    Giles )

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Judge Dredd

"So this is Gruddmas, and what have you done?
Just started a Block War, in MegaCity One!"

Sorry - Christmas spirits must be getting to me... Tomorrow I'm going to put on a Judge Dredd Miniatures Game at the club. First outing for this stuff, and it is quite a fast and furious game system from the quick run-through so far. The scenario is based around one of the interminable "Block Wars" (fights between neighbouring (and massive) housing complexes in this over-populated post-apocalyptic city with unemployment running at near 90% due to the use of robot labour. With nothing better to do, many citizens decide to join street gangs and live a life of criminality and mindless violence. The only thing standing between the city and total chaos is the Justice Department whose highly trained Judges are judge, jury and executioner for "perps" (criminals) that they catch.
The gang members of Antonio Fargas Block (above) have decided that they have had enough of the neighbouring Louise Ciccone Block and have declared Block War. The gangs from the two blocks have started fighting in the streets between, and the Justice Department have sent a team to shut the war down. But before the Judges arrive, Mad Donna and her Louise Ciccone gangers have launched a counter attack:
To restore order, there are the Judges:
So just another normal day in "The Big Meg"

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The body is a simple build

The front axel was a bit more fiddly

The wagon can be finnished in two ways this way with the hoops or...

this way with without.

In the end I choose this one (the cowboy are foundry figures )

 Here is a few pictures of a 28 mm chuck wagon    made by 4ground,I made in one evening put together with pva glue and mild swear words ( only needed for the front axel)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Late roman game

Barry,Dan &Johns late roman game from a few weeks ago played using crusader rules and 28mm figures .Hopefully Danny can remember how it played out and what figures where used.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Just so that everyone knows - the club meeting dates for the next year are:
16th Dec 2012
13th Jan (2013) 27th Jan
10th Feb 24th Feb
10th Mar 24th Mar
7th April 21st April
5th May 19th May
2nd June 16th June 30th June
14th July 28th July
11th Aug 25th Aug
8th Sep 22nd Sep
6th Oct 20th Oct
3rd Nov 17th Nov
1st Dec (AGM) 15th Dec.

Welcome to the CMWA blog

Hello - after the club AGM today (2nd December), I've set up this blog to provide an information point about games and events for our club members and (hopefully) members of the public who are interested! Just put up a photo of the Exeter demo game from 2010 to get it started. Cheers, Danny