Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Judge Dredd

Mad  Dan's Judge Dredd game
Well, the day went to Mad Donna and the Louise Ciccone Block (Giles). David's Anatonio Fargas Block gang went down a bit to easily, although the big mutie took two Judges to drop him, and his leader managed to become a judge-killer seconds before justice was served in a terminal way. Unfortunately for the remaining Judges, the Louise Ciccone CitiDef gunner in the sentry tower was a bit too much to handle, and they went down in a hail of bullets that standard issue armour couldn't stop. So a victory for the block gang this time, but more Judges are on their way!

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  1. Good fun it was too (especially for a first game with a new system). First photo shows the Big Mutie about to get it from Judge Redshirt, the second is the Louise Ciccone gang breaking out across the disputed zone (spot the CitiDef trooper who didn't last long enough to go into kill frenzy!), the third is the Antonio Fargas gang crossing their barricades (only 2 made it back - and they were taken out by the Judges), and the last pic is the start up line for the Louise Ciccones led by Mad Donna. The CitiDef Heavy Spit Gunner is on top of the tower and out of shot. He kept very quiet until the Judges showed up, then...