Monday, 3 December 2012

Late roman game

Barry,Dan &Johns late roman game from a few weeks ago played using crusader rules and 28mm figures .Hopefully Danny can remember how it played out and what figures where used.

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  1. Thanks for those, Giles! The figures were mainly Gripping Beast, with some Black Tree and Westwind in there too. Barry had just bought a job lot of painted ones and I'm not sure what all of them were!

    The Picts came on through the woods as a sort of ambush force, and Barry formed his Late Roman/North British force up defensively. As expected, the Picts generally out-skirmished the Romano-Brits, but were less effective in stand-up fights. We had some nice hit-and-run tactics from the Big Yin (John), while an over-complex flanking manoeuvre by the Wee Yin (Me) never came to anything except weakening the Pictish centre... We decided at the end of play that the Picts had pretty much had enough and were likely to just break off, but were far from defeated and the Romano-Brits would have had trouble pursuing them. So Q. Barrius Maximus held the field with his grinding defence, and the Big Yin slunk off with most of his army telling the Wee Yin to "get his heed tested" ;-)

    A good game - as usual with these excellent rules which deserve more interest from the gaming community!

    Cheers, Danny